Bon Vivant - definition:
a person who enjoys the good things in life, especially good food and drink {the spirit of our Vina Vivants}

Devoteé - definition: 

an ardent follower, supporter, or enthusiast - like, follow or email us!

The Vina Life!

​Do you Love Life?


Vina Sympatica is here to accompany you in celebrating the small wins and large victories, rooftop picnics and black tie affairs - simple as much as the finer things. Premium yet everyday, Vina is as versatile as you are!

Cheers and Salud! Go ahead, raise a glass of Vina in appreciation and enjoyment of good food, good drink and good friends. In honor of Dorothy Parker a well known Bon Vivant - "a lover of life and the good things" we are going to join her ranks and invite you along for the journey as a Vina Vivant!  You do not wait for an invitation, but instead meet life at the door!

We have redefined the sparkling wine category, and raised the bar! Enjoy your sparkling wine when you want, how you want, and where you want.  Enjoy every moment of consuming life and wine.

​Do you Love Bubbles?


​Champagne is the epitome of sophistication, opulence and class - who doesn't love a good glass of bubbly? However as a Vina Vivant or Devoteé, your love affair with bubbly doesn't start at midnight and end at 12:01am - You understand that any time is the perfect time for a glass of bubbly!

​Then you’ll Love Vina...


​Why settle for the status quo, when you can step outside of the box and try something different? Vina Sympatica delivers a unique and unforgettable experience with 3 different selections - Vina Red, Vina White & Vina Violet. Which Vina will be your favorite?