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COMING SOON... Order Online. Vina Sympatica™ is a bubbly blend of super fruit and wine and as its name suggests, quite simply “a charming bubbly wine.” 

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Voilá! Vina Makes Her Debut.


Vina Sympatica™ is a bold and brave new sparkling wine - a "Nouveau Sparkling." Effervescent as Champagne, as approachable as Moscato, and as bold and luscious as Zinfandel. Vina bursts with flavor, yet finishes dry and crisp. Vina Sympatica™ comes in three varietals - Red, White and Violet. Each unique flavor profile is enjoyable in a flute, on the rocks or in a delicious cocktail mixed with your favorite white or brown liquor. Vina is truly versatile, celebratory and perfect for any occasion. 


Love Life!


We are "Bon Vivants" lovers of life. We want to spread the "joie de vivre" and see the party thrive. Any season, any occasion, we are always grateful for the opportunity to serve you in living life to the fullest. We don't look for excuses to celebrate, we just do. Seeing a good friend, taking a bubble bath, having a quiet moment to yourself, we want you to love life as much as we do. So celebrate - life is a gift best wrapped in bubbles!


Love Bubbles?


At Simply Vino, we are very serious about our bubbles. Don't mess with our bubbles because we love bubbles - probably more than we should. Why? Because bubbles enliven the spirit, excite the senses and make you feel fabulous. Doesn't a glass of bubbly at the end of the day make everything better? You bet it does. 

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